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Contact Lenses

About Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternatives to glasses. Developments in contact lenses technology means most prescriptions can now be facilitated with CL’s. From occassional daily wear to extended monthly and 30 day contact lenses, we are the eye clinic stock them all.

Whether you are considering CLs for special occasions, holiday, sports or general wear, at the eye clinic all our contact lenses trials are for FREE.

Our contact lens trials help determine the best lens for your eyes as well as providing our patients with continued support and advise.

Eye care is a core part of The Eye Clinic Opticians.

If you are considering Contact Lenses or are an existing wearer and would like to discuss your options with us, please book in for your free initial consultation today.

Types of Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable CL’s: For infrequent wear. Perfect for occasional usage. Dispose at end of the day.

Standard Soft CL’s: These are suitable for full time wear, maximum recommended usage 30 days. Remove at night and store in recommended solution. Not designed for sleeping in.

Extended Wear CL’s: Made from special material which allows high levels of oxygen to penetrate through the lens. Extende wear upto d30days – night and day lenses.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGP’s): Suitable for people who are unsuitable for conventional soft CLs due to prescription, complexity or allergies.

Cosmetic Lenses: Coloured contact lenses allowing the different look for them special occasions.

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