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Do I Need An Eye Test?

Eye tests play a very important part in making sure your eyes are working as they should. Not only are they important for indicating the need for glasses or need to change your prescription but a routine eye test can help in detecting common medical conditions.

On average we recommend booking an eye test once every 2 years however if you notice difference in your vision or starting experiencing some of the symptoms which are outlined below, its best to book an eye test appointment.

Reasons to book an eye test:


Certain groups of people are at a higher risks of sight problems. These includes those over 60 and those over 40 years of age with the family history of glaucoma.

Headaches & Eyestrain

If you find you are getting headache when using computers, reading, driving it may be because your vision is changing. In most cases it can be corrected with the pair of glasses.

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision can be cause by a number of different things from simply needing glasses or contact lenses to medical conditions like diabetics. An eye test will give a clearer understanding of what causes these symptoms.

Medical Condition

Diabetics, blood pressure, cholesterol can all affect your eyes and your vision. This may mean that  you need to have your eyes tested more regularly.

Reading Problems

Finding reading books, newspapers or magazines difficult and finding moving things further away to read? Book an appointment with one of our opticians who will be able to recommend whether glasses could help rectify this.

Poor, short and / or long vision

If you are struggling with poor, short and / or long vision then visit our opticians to help an eye test and get the right glasses prescription.

Dry, Red or Irritated Eye

Dry eye may be caused by not blinking enough to working in dry air conditioned office environment. Using adequate drops and making simple changes to our daily routine can help. Visit the eye clinic opticians for further advice.

Flashes & Floater

What are floaters? Floaters can appear as black spots or tadpole like pieces in the vision. These can be semi transparent or dark and they can move or stay in fixed place. Floaters happen due to shrinking and liquefying of the vitreous jell at the eye back of the eye.

What are flashes? Flashes can happen in front of one eye or both eyes and can last for a second or two or a few minutes. Difference flashes can be caused by different things. These can range from simple things like migraines to more complicated conditions which need treatment like retinal detachments.

A sudden occurrence of flashes of lights or floater in your vision could be due to various reasons. An eye test or visiting your optician can help differentiate between the two. Please follow this NHS Direct link for more information.