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The Eye Test

How well we see affects almost everything we do, it is therefore very important to have regular eye test even if we do not notice a problem. This is to make sure that eyes are performing as they should and to the best they can.

Our fully qualified optometrist aim to tailor the eye test to your individual requirements. We focus on bespoke eye examination and take great pride in ensuring patient satisfaction.

Our premium selection of frames, modern shop fit and helpful staff ensure our eye test experience is one which is unique to our practice.

Keeping all the families eyes healthy

Children Eye Care

In early years vision help children find their way about the world, discovering new and exciting things. Later as they go through school clear vision and good eye health act as a key factor to learning and achieving full academic potential.

So is not surprising we are eye clinic opticians take children’s eye health very seriously. Most young children have their eye sight checked as part of routine development checks, whilst these are important they are not as thorough and comprehensive eye test can pick up many visual problems.

Poor eye sight in children has also been shown to be a possible contributing factor to learning and behavioural problems.

Adults Eye Care

Reasons of having an eye test:

  • Eye examination can detecting potential serious eye conditions
  • Eye exam can detect potential general problems
  • The earlier problems are detected the better chances of successful treatment
  • We only get one set of eyes if you loose your eye sight it may never be replaced
  • Unlike other parts of the body the eyes may not necessarily hurt if something is going wrong.